Technical Support

Before going any further

  • Update DirectX
  • Update your PC’s drivers
  • Install the most recent patch for your game
  • Close all background tasks such as Norton, eMule, … etc
  • Close or uninstall CD copy or emulation software such as Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120% or Virtual CD
  • Read the Cyanide FAQ

Technical support by Cyanide’s publishers

Cyanide Support

Cyanide only offers direct support for games that we self publish

  • Support-Center

  • Cyanide does not answer questions linked to gameplay (such as “how do I dismiss rider xxx ?” in Pro Cycling Manager). That sort of question belongs to the game Forum.

  • Cyanide does not answer questions linked to hardware (such as “how do I go about installing a driver ?” or “how do I configure my router ?”