Blood Bowl: Kerrunch is released!

The "pocket-sized" adaptation of Blood Bowl is in the App Store and on Google Play

Paris, France - Monday, October 26 - Cyanide announces that Blood Bowl: Kerrunch is now available worldwide on iOS and Android mobiles and tablets. Players will now be able to get their hands on the latest variant of Blood Bowl - the brutal blend of fantasy, violence, sport and strategy.

Blood Bowl: Kerrunch pits Human, Orc, Dwarf, Wood Elf or Skaven teams against each other in an ultra-violent version of fantasy American football. To rise from the depths of Division 10 to the Grand Final of Division 1, the coach must overcome formidable line-ups from amongst the most renowned of the Blood Bowl world, teams such as the Ironcrag Decimators, the Mittledorf Smashers or the Dwarf Anvils.

In addition to the rich and varied single player mode, coaches can also compete against each other in League mode. To reach the top of the rankings, a coach must build an irresistible team and learn how to thwart the strategies of his opponents.

From bruising encounter to bruising encounter, the coach will unlock new players and improve those already in his team. Each player has specific skills and characteristics, as well as a unique 3D model.


  • 75 unique players to unlock
  • 200 solo levels up to the Grand Finale against the formidable Orcland Raiders
  • A  multiplayer league offering daily challenges
  • Daily missions and numerous objectives

Discover the Blood Bowl: Kerrunch gameplay video:

Posted on November 16, 2015 .