Dungeonbowl is now available!


Elves, Dwarfs and various creatures from the Games Workshop universe should get ready, since Dungeonbowl is available in digital format from today, via our online store!

Blood Bowl, the violent fantasy American football game from Games Workshop, is now a multiplayer experience, played in a dungeon. Moreover, teams are made up of three different races, so it offers a real alternative to classic matches. Then, of course, there are the exploding chests, teleporters and all sorts of traps, so getting to the opponent’s End Zone will not be easy! As victory is achieved by a single touchdown, there will be massive tension during a game.

Dungeonbowl may be played in a dungeon, but that doesn’t mean grim decors. Players can enjoy a wide variety of pitches which conceal hidden dangers and call for strategies which are very different from those used on a standard field. The choice of playing surfaces is, in fact, unlimited as the game’s dungeon editor will allow players to create any number of pitches. The Dungeonbowl community is hereby invited to give free rein to their creative talents and to design crafty and devious dungeons which will be made available to all players.

The basic pack contains the three teams already presented on our website – the Bright, Light and Rainbow Colleges – as well as a standard dungeon environment kit, which can be loaded into the editor.

The game will be available on Steam at the end of June 2012.

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