1er Trailer pour “Of Orcs and Men” !

Of Orcs and Men

Les deux héros d’Of Orcs and Men font leur show dans un premier trailer !

Watch video!

Of Orcs and Men, the grand role-playing game jointly realized by Cyanide (Concept and Production) and Spiders (Realization and Development) for PlayStation 3® Xbox 360® and PC, today shows more of its unique universe and its two heroes through a minute of dynamic video!

This video is the opportunity to discover more of this roleplaying game endowed with a strong identity and unique ambiance, and its two heroes: a powerful Orc, and a Goblin, that all opposes except for their skin color, which earned them to be hunted down by the soldiers of the Empire of Men.

Now wanted by the Empire, they are determined to lead their mission to success: assassinate the one who, alone, is responsible for the great war which ravages the Orcs and the Goblins… the Emperor of Men himself. An epic quest awaits our two heroes, which will bring them across the whole Empire and beyond; the video of today is a foretaste of all that awaits you!