Blood-Bowl meets the Dark Elves

Today Blood Bowl PC is updated with a new playable race that have been expected by players since the release: the Dark Elves. Coming along with the Dark Elves is the no less awaited matchmaking system that will allow players of the same level to find oponents the easy way, the system automatically putting two connected players looking for a game together.

The patch weights 130Mo and below is the change log:


  • Matchmaking is available
  • Reduced match loading time
  • Public sounds are lower
  • Fixed wrong team displayed in GUI when playing with two exported teams
  • Fixed a crash when loading a replay where a team bought extra rerolls
  • Added interception hints when using Dump-Off
  • Fixed misplaced passing arrow when using Dump-Off
  • Fixed misplaced passing arrow after using Multiple Block
  • Ball & Chain: Can’t use Multiple Block and Juggernaut, can’t be blocked by Tentacles
  • Fixed Break Tackle, Dauntless, Take Root

The Dark Elves patch is an occasion for Focus and Cyanide to release a digital Blood Bowl: Dark Elves Edition on the popular video games online shop: Steam! This edition will hit Steam on 11.26.09 but pre-orders are already actives. Blood Bowl has there a great opportunity to grow its community reaching more players thanks to the accessibility of Steam everywhere in the world.

And finally, don’t miss the beautiful Dark Elves trailer…