Tour de France 2011

Tour de France 2011

Tour de France is a pure mix of action and adrenaline. Play as a professional cyclist that competes in the Tour de France, the most prestigious of all cycling competitions!

Throw yourself into the race, throughout the Tour de France 2011’s 21 official legs. You will have to fight neck against the greatest champions, and battle at every key moment of this legendary competition. Manage you efforts during the stages in order to stay at the top of your form, work with your teammates, keep an eye on your reputation, and when necessary, build alliances with your opponents to win a stage or climb the leaderboard.

Your actions and your loyalty will influence your reputation throughout the event and will affect your ability to repeat or not decisive stratégies and alliances during the 21 days of this big race.

The Tour de France 2011’s official route and each one of its 21 legs have been faithfully modelled using realistic graphics to offer an incredible immersion experience. Breakaways, mountain pass attacks, dangerous slopes, takeovers, neck to neck sprint fights…take part in every highlight of the Tour from the standpoint of an elite athlete! You will need nerves of steel and a certain sense of tactics to win the competition and its most prestigious jerseys, such as the yellow jersey!

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