• Genre: Action/RPG
  • Plateforms: PC
  • Release date: June 12th 2007
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Developer: Cyanide

Live fantastic mythologic trip throughout a non-linear Action-RPG. In Loki you can impersonnate a manly viking warrior and fight with you huge pair of… axes ! Arefined greak fighter, a mighty egyptian sorcerer completely antithetic to the viking or a wild aztec chaman specialised into animalism and summoning.

Foil the plots of an evil gods alliance to avoid Rägnarok, armageddon or whatever you may call the end of world in your religion while fighting for you god. Travel around the world to fulfil various achievments from the frozen lands in the far north of Europe to the unknown aztec territories through antic Greece and Egypt.

Each places and items are randomly generated to offer unique environments when a new game is started. Thus you could discover a diffrent place when playing playing with new friends. Customize your character through his skills and stuff. Create your own fighting style depending on the god you choose to venerate. Pray Thor and become a mighty warrior wielding lightning and warhammers or revere Queztalcoatl as a chaman to summon allies or Tezcatlipoca to be a metamorph.

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