FrontPage Football

Frontpage Football

  • Genre: Management
  • Plateforms: PC
  • Developer: Cyanide

Front Page Sports was a popular American Football PC video game licence back in the 90’. In 2009, Cyanide brings the licence back to life with this free-to-play browser-based sport management game which will put the player in the role of a a virtual head coach in charge of recruiting players, dealing with his players’ injuries… but at the same time setting a game plan, writing the playbook.

Among three proposed championships (Non-professional, University or Professional), the player will have access to a range of orders and actions that will help him prepare each daily leg. Compose the best team (draft, free agents…), take care of its finances, manage training sessions…: numerous possibilities will surely keep the player busy.

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frontpagefootball_screenshot_gameplan_01 frontpagefootball_screenshot_match_01 frontpagefootball_screenshot_match_02 frontpagefootball_screenshot_playbook_01 frontpagefootball_screenshot_statsplayers_01 frontpagefootball_screenshot_team_01