Dungeon Raiders

Dungeon Raiders

  • Genre: Action/Aventure
  • Plateforms: DS
  • Release date: November 5th 2009
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Developer: Cyanide

Dungeon Raiders offers you to start an adventure under the flowery shirt of Glandalf, the cinema enthusiastic magician. Unskillful, he does like his friends very much. And his friend Butcho, dumb as a rock, needs some help. Butcho has become Count Dracula’s executioner in Transylvania and is being taken advantage of.

Glandalf is going to help Butcho, but first, he is going to watch The Lord of the Rings for the 7,341st time. On his way to Transylvania, he realize he is going to need a thief to help Butcho. So he stops to save Luigi, a culmsy thief who has been captured by pirates. Glandalf will have to show some guts.

Free Bernardo using the synergy between your characters and some spells that you will be able to draw on you Nintendo DS’s touchscreen.

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