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A Game Of Thrones

A few years ago, we contacted Georges R.R.Martin. We wanted to know whether he could be interested in making A Song of Ice and Fire into a video game. Then, we couldn’t make it happen, but with resolve and renewed efforts, we finaly succeeded. There begin our journey with “A game of Thrones”.

With this desire of diving into A Song of Ice and Fire, we made careful choices to offer the best experience to the players. We didn’t really want to adapt the novels, it would have break the tension for the fans of the original saga. We wished for the players to discover Westeros for the first time or from another point of view. To make sure that this universe would be respected, we did the simplest thing : we associated ourselves with the author.

A Game of Thrones (AGOT), the roleplaying game, brings you into a grown-up adventure parallel to the original piece. You will take part into a whole new story full of plots. We didn’t planned on a time shift to put our story back or forward in the original timeline. On the contrary, we adapted our story to the original events so that the player could meet the main characters of the saga in these new chapters.

This whole new adventure will offer to alternatively play two brand new characters: Allester, the red priest and Mors, the night watchman. They will be brought into the vile plots of the noble houses. Will you be able to see clear through the game of thrones ? Beware though, since in this game, one wins or dies.

We advise that you check out George R. R. Martin’s official website

For all those interested in the world of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ we recommend Elio and Linda’s site at
They will be keeping us on the Westerosi “straight and narrow” as the games progress.

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