Confrontation: The Age of the Rag’Narok


Confrontation is the video game adapted from the well-know board game from Rackham. Developed only for PC, Confrontation is an incredible real time strategy game integrating many role playing game elements, thus offering a unique and great gaming experience.

Join the fantasy world of Confrontation: Aarklash. The Age of the Rag’narok is coming, you have to take the lead of the Griffin forces, some dreadful zealous warriors. Unfold the plots of the Scorpions and chase them through the Orcs’ canyons and the Wolfen’s woods.

With tactical fights based on skills use and control over the battlefield, you will have to progress cleverly while constituting your party by choosing from the 12 characters linked to your faction. Create synergies among your band to get the most of it while managing your characters’ equipment and skills.

A multiplayer mode will offer you to take the lead of any one of the 4 faction in the campaign to discover a more reactive and quick game. Show of you skills as a master at war to win epic battles in Confrontation.

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