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Partage de saves

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Re: Partage de saves

Message14 Sep 2011, 23:06

newshow a écrit:This Grey's Anatomy DVD show was proven it can change what you expect and do it well!, Yes, we all knew that Izzie was going to die, but at least for me, it just surprised me, George, great show, great! I look forward to the sixth season, Bones DVD well I am going to miss George and Izzie. Given that since season 1 I think that number is improving. Season 5 finale was the best in five years. 1-4 season finales is so exciting. Brothers and Sisters DVD I mean it will not be too eager to see the first episode, after a period of the previous season. It’s not as sharp as the finale of season 5, I think Season 6 Episode 1 is the most viewers in the season the first five episodes. I advise you to see things from the beginning, in order to understand the progression of the plot. Criminal Minds DVD It’s funny, light, sometimes know enough about the Kleenex, expertly described. This rate reaches or even more from the peaks of history, writing, viewing, and acting. There is a great scene with Christina and Izzie, where they discover the memory is stopped Izzie ‘loop’ and a warm and fuzzy when Meredith and Derrick accept the ’Conditions’ of their commitment to each other, The Mentalist DVD recording for post -its. The moment when Meredith says the importance of the ‘007’ is amazing, and the elevator shot at the end is perfect. Can not wait for season seven!

Desperate Housewives DVD

Et pourquoi pas SPARTACUS ???? tu as des actions sur les ventes dvd ??? :mrgreen:
And why not SPARTACUS?? actions you have on sales dvd??
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Re: Partage de saves

Message15 Sep 2011, 07:18

c'est un bot ;)

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