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Different jerseys

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Different jerseys

Message28 Juil 2012, 04:09

Hi, I've noticed that the not licensed teams jerseys are different on the xbox 360 and ps3 versions and i was wondering why would that happen and if there is any possibility of making the ps3 jerseys the same as the xbox360 ones.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about:



XBOX 360:


Svend Rugaard

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Re: Different jerseys

Message28 Juil 2012, 16:33

Why does it matter when its not real names anyway .. i would like to see that the Shirts changes names when you make Name Changes in the Editor, and the Short Names so RadioCash is Called RadioShack when you change name

But if it is Called Nissun or sun dont make any diffrent when the Called name from Speaker isnt write correclty when use name editor

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