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2 new DLC available for Le Tour de France!

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2 new DLC available for Le Tour de France!

Message25 Nov 2011, 13:15

2 new DLC available for Le Tour de France on PSN and Xbox Live!

Power Up DLC: this additional content offers an energy supply pack for use with your riders during races in order to improve their performance!
Database DLC: this additional content updates rider characteristics according to their performance in the real Tour de France 2011.

Download the Power Up DLC on the Marketplace
Download the Database DLC on the Marketplace


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Re: 2 new DLC available for Le Tour de France!

Message29 Jan 2012, 21:11

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Re: 2 new DLC available for Le Tour de France!

Message30 Jan 2012, 12:54

Hello Layo,

The idea behind the feeding gameplay is that each element gives you different amounts of one or two types of energies and with different assimilation times. Because you can only feed your rider during the playable sections, you have to calculate how many of each element you can take on each section trying to maximize the effect you will get. Note: If you started eating an element just before going into the simulation sections, you will still benefit from the bonus.

There are 10 different elements:
* Banana : Only green / slow
* Kiwi : Only red / fast
* Apricot : Only yellow / fast
* Biscuits : Green AND yellow / intermediate
* Cereal Bar : Green AND yellow / intermediate
* Cake : Green AND yellow / slow
* Almonds Paste (Powerbar) : Green AND yellow / slow
* Fruits paste : Yellow AND red / intermediate
* Energy gel : Only red / fast

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