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Re: Stage race saves corrupted online

27 Août 2011, 17:49

Of course, I'm playing CyM/PCM-series for 9 years and they never did care about community and customers... Well, it's the only cycling game, so why would they bother? We gonna play it anyway...

Re: Stage race saves corrupted online

25 Août 2011, 16:20

Well, any answer from Cyanide? You could at least say - f*** off, we won't fix that, we don't care...

Stage race saves corrupted online

17 Août 2011, 19:16

Every time you play online in stage race mode, when you try to load a savegame, you won't be able to race. 3D loads without problem for everyone, but host is the only one who can see riders - everyone else jest keeps stuck on the startline. That's quite important bug to fix, I hope to hear sth about...

Re: Problème en ligne / Online Problem

20 Juil 2011, 23:49

-> Omnium games in ladder mode.
-> Enabling season mode through main multiplayer lobby (atm season is available through LAN only, as far as I see)

Omnium games not saving in ladder mode

17 Juil 2011, 18:35

Well, as said, results of omnium games played in ladder mode aren't saving in ladder.

Is it known issue, that you're working on?

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