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Re: [PCM2012] Questions

31 Août 2012, 22:29

Is it true that we are not gonna have new updates for PCM2012? Jelly's post Jelly wrote: Bonjour, Nous ne prévoyons pas de sortir de patch sur le jeu, l'équipe de Pro Cycling Manager se concentrant actuellement sur le développement de l'édition 2013 (Nous pouvons par contre, prendre des sanctions po...

Re: Start lists

19 Août 2012, 01:22

yes please! I couldn't find the button!

I've to export the result at the first stage and sort by team and order the riders by leader and surname every race i play in my story.

It would be great to have that button back!

Re: The history of cycling videogames [VIDEO]

09 Juil 2012, 21:59

Excellent video! Congratz!

Re: [PCM2012] Questions

09 Juil 2012, 21:05

Why numbers on riders' shirts are those of a team and not of a player? It's a graphic option (One graphic per rider, or something like that) You should enable that option to have individiual numbers. If not, it will load only the number of teams different rider models (and the game should run faste...

Re: PETITION - Please put back also the Old Multiplayer

21 Juin 2012, 17:13

I agree!

Re: Questions

21 Juil 2011, 20:50

When hosting a game (road race ladder or not) the other players dont see the riders.

I've the patch installed and using the official release database. Of course the ladder database when playing that mode.

Any suggestions?

Re: Questions

16 Juil 2011, 20:18

I'm having a problem when hosting multiplayer games (ladder and common mode with official database)

The other people don't see their riders.

I've installed the last patch (

Any suggestions?


Other players dont see the riders when I host

10 Juil 2011, 17:46

I'm having a problem when hosting the game.

Other players dont see the riders in game.

I have the original game, with patch and official database.

Any suggestion?

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