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Re: La barème de difficulté

18 Août 2014, 19:22

THis is Wrong forum this is for TOUR DE FRANCE 2014 game not for PCM for PC please watch where you write next time annoying

Re: Tour de France : Questions/Answers

04 Août 2014, 15:09

Sure you did - Show us some videos and not for a 7 stage quick tour but from a WHOLE tour its impossible to win tour with Wiggins he can follow 80+ riders in mountains he lose time EVERYTIME

Re: La barème de difficulté

04 Août 2014, 15:07

Why use good teams then , try use Orica or IAM Cycling then you dont win. - And you all talk winning with riders like Wiggins etc that ISNT possible if you race all 21 stages - if you race the 7 quick tour stages Sky have yes then it would be possibl or only use flat stages Wiggins CANT win on mount...

Re: Why is TimeTrial not the Actually KM?

04 Août 2014, 15:03

But also its liek Tony Martin have to win no matter what, even after 19 stages and he is completly wasted he still win timetrial thats kinda stupid he win no matter what.

Re: Mountain King Trophy Doesn't pop up.

04 Août 2014, 15:02

I didnt play all stages i only play majority of the mountain stages and off course a few more because it did it in Pro Team mode but it was not because i was chasing the trophy at that time, i got 302 points i think overall with Valverde. It pop up for me just after the overall standings etc was bei...
Svend Rugaard

Re: Editing the DB

29 Juil 2014, 09:18

exactly - and wait for a official database update

Re: Played PS4 version for 3 days but ... [Bugs]

27 Juil 2014, 23:20

Its a bug i allready haev posted with screenshot and it doesnt matter if he has the yellow jersey or not and its annoying because you cant say he should be protected because of that, and he is not reacting on couter-attack allways, only AI can auto protect him - first i thought it was because i was ...

Re: Tour de France : Questions/Answers

27 Juil 2014, 01:56

Orica was Pain in the Ass actually - it was the second last team i completed before i took super combatie with Shavanel , wich actually can be quite tricky especially because you have 2 win 2 stages, and first time i was thinking winning the 1 stages in Quicktour (2 stage in race) beecause it is scr...

Re: Tour de France : Questions/Answers

26 Juil 2014, 17:22

I have dont everygoal i have platinum in the game - But you need to use Albasani, Gerrans, and 2 other i can remember now - But you have to use those for and focus on those 4 riders - Then you need to add extra hilly stages and again i cant remember what stages i use i even think i use the Stage 15 ...

Re: DLC TDF 2015 with Trophies ?

26 Juil 2014, 14:02

If there dont come any more DLC then there wont come any more races in Pro Team

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