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Will Tour De France 2014 come to PS4 ?

06 Avr 2014, 12:42

I have got Tour De France 2011, 2012 and 2013 to PS3 - I would like to here if this would come to PS4 or only PS3 ?

And is there soon any news on next Tour De France 2014 ?

Re: DLC Critérium International

01 Juil 2013, 17:14

Why no new trophies - Last Year you lost alot of Sale because no Trophies in DLC and now you have made the Trophies TO easy to plat so no challenge in the game, and also IN-GAME i still dont get why you did those 7 stage trophies no point and also you can just SIMULATE to get the trophies thats real...

[Tour de France 2013 - PS3 Videos] Rise of Contador

30 Juin 2013, 22:08

I have finish my Tour de France with Alberto "El Pistole" Contador - This is Gameplay from PS3 - There is Everthing to mass crashes, Alberto Contador is crashing and lose many minutes to rivals etc But i cant seem to post YouTube links so they show as video so i just put the playlist in he...

Re: DLC Critérium International

30 Juin 2013, 21:53

is there trophies for this ?

My SItes Review of TDF 2013 - 7.8 out of 10

27 Juin 2013, 11:41

My Danish PlayStation site, has now made a review of this game Its on Danish, so probaly use Google Translate. Also i make a record of every stage with Saxo-Tinkoff :

Re: Any News on DLC and Patch ?

10 Oct 2012, 20:28

kristinjenson123 a écrit:Le dlc odieuse. Il iBooty. Que faites-vous plus grand que volte-face dans ces courses? Classics étaient apparentes plus je pense.

WHy answer in French when the question is in english .. there is a reason why we ask in ennglish .. so please translate
Svend Rugaard

Re: DLC 'Track' now available

29 Sep 2012, 09:29

i respect you way to make these games, i have played all Cycling Manager games, then Pro Cycling Manager games up to 2010 - after that i didnt use so much time on PC any more .. i bought Tour De France 2011 for PS3 last year and love it, and love those DLC with food packs. This Year, i love the game...

Why only Track Mode DLC ?

26 Sep 2012, 15:01

Why is it tehre is only are being release Track mode today and not a tour mode ?

Re: Communication sur DLC

15 Sep 2012, 00:31

J'aimerai beaucoup pouvoir vous en dire plus mais hélas ce serait risquer de me faire tirer les oreilles. Donc promis, je remonte vos demandes et on vous diffusera le contenu des DLC prévus dès que possible. :) Its still sure ther wont come any trophies with DLC ? .. If there isnt there is no need ...

Re: Communication sur DLC

14 Sep 2012, 08:34

Even they should put Vuelta as a DLC i wouldnt buy any DLC if ther isnt any trophies .. there is no goal then just gameplay .. they allready lost a lot of customers because many have trade in game because the lack of DLC there should have been release long time a go and if there isnt any trophies th...

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