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Re: Played PS4 version for 3 days but ... [Bugs]

27 Juil 2014, 23:20

Its a bug i allready haev posted with screenshot and it doesnt matter if he has the yellow jersey or not and its annoying because you cant say he should be protected because of that, and he is not reacting on couter-attack allways, only AI can auto protect him - first i thought it was because i was ...

Re: Tour de France : Questions/Answers

27 Juil 2014, 01:56

Orica was Pain in the Ass actually - it was the second last team i completed before i took super combatie with Shavanel , wich actually can be quite tricky especially because you have 2 win 2 stages, and first time i was thinking winning the 1 stages in Quicktour (2 stage in race) beecause it is scr...

Re: Tour de France : Questions/Answers

26 Juil 2014, 17:22

I have dont everygoal i have platinum in the game - But you need to use Albasani, Gerrans, and 2 other i can remember now - But you have to use those for and focus on those 4 riders - Then you need to add extra hilly stages and again i cant remember what stages i use i even think i use the Stage 15 ...

Re: DLC TDF 2015 with Trophies ?

26 Juil 2014, 14:02

If there dont come any more DLC then there wont come any more races in Pro Team

Why is TimeTrial not the Actually KM?

26 Juil 2014, 02:58

Was thinking of something why is the TimeTrial in the game only 27 km when its 50 km almost ?

DLC TDF 2015 with Trophies ?

26 Juil 2014, 01:30

Is the DLC this year getting Trophies ? .. Even if its 5-6 bronze or 3 silver and 1 gold it doesnt matter it would just make me buy it or else not :)
Svend Rugaard

Re: Editing the DB

26 Juil 2014, 01:01

isnt the Name Editor part of PS3 versionn it is part of the PS4 - But if it is a Database to change stats that would be cheat and make it easy to get platinum

Got Platinum Trophy

24 Juil 2014, 10:09

A few days ago i finall got the platinum - and here is the video i created for that :) [Youtube][/Youtube]

Re: Tour de France : Questions/Answers

09 Juil 2014, 03:27

is very easy +++++ dificult next year, witch raiders witch 70 or 73 stats in montain win cpu raiders witch 77 stats montain, I win mallot montain witch lengo...witch 69 in montain :lol: :lol: :lol: ++++ dificult next tour..., and giro and vuelta This is actually harder than the Tour de France 2011 ...

Re: Tour de France : Questions/Answers

09 Juil 2014, 03:22

King6010CH a écrit:In PCM 2013 was it possible to create my own drivers in the Driver Database.
For example, I could make my own Driver (myself) and could ride myself in the courses.

Is this also possible in PCM 2014?

Wrong Forum this is TOUR DE FRANCE GAME for CONSOLES not PCM

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